Artist on the Ridge: Sina March

Sina March Paints What Moves Her

By Melanie Mayner (Courtesy of the Neighborhood Gazette)

What is art?

Merriam-Webster says that it is, “The conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.”

However, art is so much more than its definition, and its meaning can be different for every discipline – visual art, performing art, literary art and more.

What is art is an age-old question, and one that Wheat Ridge artist Sina March has had to address many times over the years. For her, the definitive answer to this question is difficult, but she believes that art is the result of seeking expression and creativity. She refers to Swiss-born sculptor/painter Alberto Giacometti, who said, “The purpose of art is not to recreate reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

Her oil paintings have a personal perspective, and she says she paints what moves her. It might be an interesting composition, an image triggered by a memory, or the challenge of capturing emotion. However, her images usually focus on people

LOCAL ARTIST SINA MARCH’S IMAGES usually focus on people and the light, the latter seen here in her recent oil painting, “Lakeside.” COURTESY SINA MARCH

and the light. You can see the latter reflected in the light on the water of her recent painting of the nearby historic amusement park, “Lakeside.”

Originally from upstate New York, Sina became interested in visual art as a child, encouraged by her family (all creatives themselves) to express herself through drawing, painting and sculpting in clay.

In pursuit of a lifelong career as an artist and educator, she went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art and Education at the University of Illinois. After graduating in 1972, she and her husband came to Denver, where she pursued a corporate career at Mountain Bell, while raising their two children.

Still inspired by art, Sina went on to study at the Colorado Institute of Art and the Art Students League of Denver. She also studied with other Colorado artists including Chuck Ceraso and Kevin Weckbach.

When asked if she has always painted in oil, Sina said, “I have dabbled in acrylics, watercolor and pastels, but I always return to the flexibility and brilliance of oil paint.”

Does she have a certain process when painting?

“Not really, although I prefer to paint during the daytime. I also listen to audiobooks while I paint.”

When asked what inspires her work and how she develops her ideas and motivation to paint, she replied: “I’m simply attracted to an image because of its lighting, mood, composition, pattern, color, and when I feel a desire to paint it.”

Are there other artists who have inspired her work?

“Currently, I’m inspired by Kevin Weckbach and my brother, Richard Seehausen.”

Does she feel like she has reached her vision of an accomplished artist?

“No, nor do I think I’ll do so in my remaining years,” Sina said. “On the other hand, I feel like I will have accomplished enough. My biggest challenge is to find balance in this life.”

When asked what color she is drawn to, Sina immediately said red.

“It denotes passion, life’s blood, power, energy.”

However, she doesn’t think about the why, she just likes it.

“All colors are gorgeous in the right setting…even mud!”

Sina has taught classes in oil painting throughout her career as an artist. Many of her students have said she is generous with her artistic knowledge. In unison, they comment that Sina has been a meaningful mentor, providing them with the ability to deeply observe their work and translate the observations to canvas. She instilled confidence in them, but most important, she has been a dear friend.

Sina has had her paintings juried into Denver area art shows for many years and has earned awards ranging from Honorable Mention to Best of Show. This past year, she was honored by being selected as one of the 2020 Colorado’s top artists for the annual Governor’s Art Show & Sale, a very prestigious event.

Sina is also president of the Wheat Ridge Art League, a community art group that accepts new members in any two- or three-dimensional disciplines.

“Join us at one of our regular meetings to meet our members and see their artwork!” said Sina.

To learn more about Sina March and view her artwork, visit

For information on the Wheat Ridge Art League, join their Facebook page or follow on Instagram

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