Will this project be completed in phases?

Yes. Due to the escalating values of property and required to be purchased for the improvements along with increased construction costs, this project will be phased. The first phase, to be under construction in 2021, is from approximately 41st Avenue north to I-70. Depending on the value of the winning bid, some improvements south of 41st Avenue may be included.

Phase I will include a new safe and efficient intersection design at 44th Avenue called a continuous flow intersection (CFI). The CFI makes the best use of land for maximum traffic flow, while prioritizing safety. The CFI is easy to navigate due to good signage and markings, and will be separated from the north and southbound lanes by a short, narrow median.

Two new signalized intersections will be constructed for business access at approximately 45th and 43rd. The existing retaining walls north of 48th Avenue approaching the highway will be replaced and improved to accommodate six lanes of traffic and become more visually appealing, creating a beautiful gateway into Wheat Ridge.

This phase will include continuous concrete paths on each side of Wadsworth for the length of the project from 41st Avenue to the Clear Creek Trail. The project will include several landscaped areas both in the medians and as buffers between the sidewalk and the street.

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